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domingo, 26 de diciembre de 2010

Hexen - Eternal Nightmare - Trailer HD

Greetings friends!
I upload again the intro that I´ve made for HeXen - Eternal Nightmare mod. Now I upload the clip with more quality. I hope that you enjoy it:

- HeXen - Eternal Nightmare

HeXen - Eternal Nightmare from Rolls3D HeXen Arcanum.

sábado, 11 de diciembre de 2010


So far there I had come to talk at length of Heretic , the great game that served as a prequel to Hexen. Now I've opened a new section to discuss about Parthoris world, the first destination chosen by the evil Serpent Riders.

Buy Heretic

Heretic - DEMO


Your world has been ravaged by the three Serpent Riders, that have come from the Abyss. The seven kings have been broken, and your people, the elves Shide has been enslaved.
After this catastrophe, two of those riders (the Old Ones, Korax and Eidolon) leave Parthoris, staying D'Sparil to oversee the oppression of your people.
You are Corvus, an Shide elf who knows the power of magic, and your mission is to destroy this demon to defeat the dark armies and bring freedom to your world.

Following the launch of the original game, was relaunched with the title of Heretic: Shadow of the Serpent Riders . In the latter included two more episodes that continued the adventures of Corvus after the fight to the death with the evil D'Sparil.


viernes, 10 de diciembre de 2010

News - HeXen and Heretic liberated

Greetings, folks.
I recently read a story that can like to all fans of the world HeXen and Cronos.
Then I include the article, and Here the original source.

Heretic and Hexen liberated!
by Matt Lee Contributions — last modified May 17, 2010 16:45

After several years of trying, members of the Doom community have succeeded in getting the source code to Heretic and its sequel, Hexen to be re-released as free software under the GNU General Public License.

For those of you who've never heard of these games, here's what we have to look forward to in the near future:

In Heretic, three brothers have used their immense magical powers to turn the seven kings of Parthoris into mindless puppets. However, a group of elves are immune to the brothers' spells and had no allegiance to any of the seven kings and are thus declared as heretics and a campaign of genocide is launched against them.

In the sequel, Hexen, a new feature is the choice of character class. Players may choose to play as a fighter, cleric, or mage. Each character has unique weapons and physical characteristics, lending an additional degree of variety and replayability to the gameplay. It also introduces the concept of "hub" levels to the series, wherein the player travels back and forth between central hub levels and connected side levels.

The source code for the Doom engine was released under the GPL in 1999. Although Doom was originally created for MS-DOS, the original source release was for the subsequent GNU/Linux version.

The original purpose of source ports was cross-platform compatibility, but shortly after the release of the Doom source, programmers were correcting old, unaddressed Doom bugs and deficiencies in their own source ports, and later on added more source code features to add new game features and alter gameplay. Doom source ports have been created to allow Doom to run on many different platforms including handheld consoles, the OLPC and various cellphones.

Doom has already been ported to the Neo FreeRunner.

Thanks to everyone in the community for their on-going efforts to see these games released as free software, and thanks to Raven Software for finally doing the right thing.

martes, 7 de diciembre de 2010

HeXen - Edge of Chaos - DEMO

Greetings friends.
Then I'll include the link of a great Mod for Doom 3, based on the world HeXen directed by the teamleader Bloodrayne, and that I just begining to collaborate:

To play this mod you need, obviously, Doom3 (runs with the IDTech 4 engine), but you must download latest version - Doom3v1.3 to run.

HeXen - Edge of Chaos - Demo (Linux and Windows compatible)

You can download it from other Mirrors at the Official Website.

"Edge of Chaos is being developed by a team of fans who have always loved the original Hexen since it came out. In fact, most of us spent countless hours with the entire series."

HeXen DS

Regards, Korax enemies!
If ye lay in lack HeXen the world, now you can dip into it to you again thanks to Rich Whitehouse, a professional game developer, has managed to turn HeXen to work under the DS system.

Now again we can follow their exploits to Paryah, Daedolon and Baratus in this portable version of the classic:

Official Homepage

HeXen DS - Download

MIRROR - LordBob
MIRROR - 3D Downloads
MIRROR - pwnd.org

Readme - HeXen DS

If you are in windows don´t work on cat, you´ll must to edit ell makewadgbfs.bat file with the following:


gbfs hexenwad.gbfs hexen.wad

lsgbfs hexenwad.gbfs

padbin 256 hexends.nds

copy /B hexends.nds + hexenwad.gbfs hexends_wad.nds

padbin 256 hexends.nds.gba

copy /B hexends.nds.gba + hexenwad.gbfs hexends_wad.nds.gba

And you compile it

Hexen Arcanum - Trailer HD

Trailer HeXen - Arcanum - HD

HeXen - Arcanum from Rolls3D HeXen Arcanum.

domingo, 5 de diciembre de 2010

HeXen - Edge of Chaos

I´m proud to announce that I have become part of the team's Mod - HeXen - Edge of Chaos, an ambitious project that attempts to give a full Mod based on the universe of HeXen, functional in the engine of Doom3.
I have to say that work there so far is really good, reaching completely immersed in the dark atmosphere that makes up the universe of HeXen.
Take to open a new section on the blog dedicated to Edge of Chaos, which will inform you of new versions as they arise.

Then I show some videos of tests HeXen - Edge of Chaos:

Here you can visit the official website of Edge of Chaos and download the latest version of the Mod:

HeXen - Edge of Chaos

Mod Screenshots

Hexen - 3D Model - Chaos Serpent

Greetings friends.

On this occasion, based again on the legendary world of HeXen, I decided to model a Serpent of Chaos (show up the original creature sprite). Then I show some of the creature renders:


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