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martes, 7 de diciembre de 2010

HeXen DS

Regards, Korax enemies!
If ye lay in lack HeXen the world, now you can dip into it to you again thanks to Rich Whitehouse, a professional game developer, has managed to turn HeXen to work under the DS system.

Now again we can follow their exploits to Paryah, Daedolon and Baratus in this portable version of the classic:

Official Homepage

HeXen DS - Download

MIRROR - LordBob
MIRROR - 3D Downloads
MIRROR - pwnd.org

Readme - HeXen DS

If you are in windows don´t work on cat, you´ll must to edit ell makewadgbfs.bat file with the following:


gbfs hexenwad.gbfs hexen.wad

lsgbfs hexenwad.gbfs

padbin 256 hexends.nds

copy /B hexends.nds + hexenwad.gbfs hexends_wad.nds

padbin 256 hexends.nds.gba

copy /B hexends.nds.gba + hexenwad.gbfs hexends_wad.nds.gba

And you compile it

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