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HeXen - Arcanum is website dedicated to Roberto Julio Alamo´s mods & projects about the world of HeXen, created by Raven Software. In this site you have access to the progress of the mod HeXen - Arcanum, to the graphic adventure game HeXen - Quest for the Dark Skull, to the Cronus Series and to many more contents...

viernes, 30 de enero de 2009

Screenshots - Hexen Arcanum - Forests in the mist

Here are some of the screenshots of other of the worlds that I'm creating: Forests in the mist. It looks a little dark, but in the game doesn´t note that much. Moreover, this is the effect that I like, looking for some dismal forests where easy to get lost. I hope you like:

martes, 20 de enero de 2009

Screenshots - Hexen Arcanum - Dark Winter

Here are some of the first screenshots of the new levels that I'm creating: Land Icy.
I hope that you enjoy :)

(The snow textures have been extracted from Blood or created by me from the basic Hexen texture walls)

lunes, 19 de enero de 2009

Hexen Arcanum - Teaser 19-01-09

We present the first trailer of the Mod "Hexen - Arcanum. I hope you enjoy it.
The video is the from first beta, that you can download from the downloads section, like the engine Doomsday or the original Hexen.

domingo, 18 de enero de 2009

Hexen - Cheat Codes

* SATAN - God mode
* NRA - All weapons
* INDIANA - 25 of each item
* DELIVERANCE - Pig mode
* SHADOWCASTERx - Change class x (0 = fighter, 1 = cleric, 2 = mage)
* LOCKSMITH - All keys
* CLUBMED - 100% health
* BUTCHER - Kill all monsters
* SHERLOCK - All puzzle items
* WHERE - XY coordinates
* NOISE - Sound debug
* CASPER - No clipping
* VISITxx - Warp to level xx
* PUKExx - Run script xx
* TICKER - Frame rate
* MAPSCO - Map display
* INIT - Reload level

sábado, 17 de enero de 2009

Downloads - Hexen Arcanum Version 0.1

HEXEN - ARCANUM Version 0.1

Here are the new version of Hexen - Arcanum. Still in a beta phase, so do not expect major changes.

DOWNLOAD - Hexen Arcanum v0.1

Downloads - Extendable Wad Editor (XWE)

XWE (Extended Wad Editor) is responsible for decompressing files. WAD and present separately, and giving us the freedom to edit the data or even add new ones.
XWE can do everything with it even includes a map editor based on own
Wadauthor. But it is not very strong compared to many others. With the priority of this program is to add data to our WAD as sound, music, graphics and files or scripts dehacked source ports.

DOWNLOAD - XWE (Extended Wad Editor)

It is with this program that I began to create the expansion Hexen - Arcanum, so I strongly recommend.

Lamento que no haya muchos tutoriales en español por ahí, y que los que haya sean bastante flojos. En caso de tener tiempo suficiente, escribiré uno yo mismo.

Hexen - Artifacts

HeXen - Artifacts


Will help us along our long and arduous journey. Some powerful enemies saved some of these keys.


Brightens your view for a limited time.


Give your character +10 health.

Quartz Flask

+25 to your characters health.

Mystic Urn

Give your character full health.

Krater Of Might

Gives you full mana, both green and blue.

Mesh Armor

Increases your characters armor class. This armor is most useful to the Fighter and least useful for the mage.

Falcon Shield

Increases your characters armor class. The Cleric benefits most from this armor.

Amulet Of Warding

Increases your characters armor class. The Mage receives the most armor from this and the Fighter receives the least.

Platinum Helmet

Increases your characters armor class. This gives and equal amount to all three characters.

Dragonskin Bracers

Temporarily increases your characters armor class.

Boots Of Speed

Temporarily increases your characters speed. An icon will appear in the top corner of your screen when active.

Wings Of Wrath

Enables you character to fly for the duration of one hub. An icon will appear in the top corner of your screen when active.

Disc Of Repulsion

Deflects both incoming projectiles and monsters to a far distance.

Chaos Device

Teleports you to the beginning of the level.

Banishment Device

Launches several rings which teleport enemies to different parts of the level.


Effect varies for each character. The Fighter will toss this artifact like a grenade, it produces a poisonous gas cloud when activated by the Cleric, and the Mage drops it like a time bomb.

Icon Of The Defender

Gives your character temporary invincibility. An icon will appear in the top corner of your screen when active.

The Dark Servant

Your character will toss a small Maulotaur doll which will then morph into a full grown Maulotaur. It will attack your enemies for a short time, then disappears. An icon will appear in the top corner of your screen when active.


Launches several objects that morph enemies into pigs.


There are two basic types of mana and one complex: The mana green, blue manna, and the combination of both. The combination is the most powerful, but it is extremely difficult to achieve ...


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