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viernes, 16 de enero de 2009

Hexen Arcanum - Enemies

Here are this bestiary with the new enemies that I add to the game:


Ettin Armour

These creatures, armed with two clubs (one in each hand) and dressed with a powerful armor pose a serious problem in killing them. The armor protects them from the impacts, whether melee or because of long-range weapons. His two clubs makes them much more powerful enemies that ettin common.

Ettin Sword

The ettins, as explained in previous texts, the legionnaires are seduced by the power of the Dark Serpent Riders. Korax transpormó the legions of Zedek up into horrific monsters. Ettin with the sword is very similar to ettin common but their cause more damage and hits his helmet protected him just over the attacks.

Ettin Zombie

When one ettin comes back from death, looks like this. The ettins not killed or ettins zombies have been sentenced to not know the rest. Continue to be characterized by slow, but each one of the blows asestan that produces a serious poisoning, and that caution should be exercised.

Giant Black Ettin

If the simple legionaires led to ettins, his generals and captains have led to the giant black ettins. His great embergadura makes them powerful enemies to consider. They have special features, but its strength, like its size, it is unconscionable.

Ettin Rider

Some of the Serpents of Chaos are trained to carry ettins on their backs. The ettins used to mount as these beasts have a multiplied force and greater speed. Seeks to stop them before they launched the attack against you.

Horned Beast

Creature of sulfur, ash and flames. This beast lives in the volcanic soils and is often accompanied by afrits. It is a dangerous as it can spit fire and flames is very strong.

Inhabitant of the Caverns

These creatures come from the darkest depths of the earth and come to the call of his new master, Korax. The inhabitants of the caves are dangerous beasts; they have large powerful jaws and four arms. It´s a very dangerous enemy, often in droves.


Again I add another monster from the game Heretic to this bestiary, as after the death of D'Sparil the minions of the Serpent Riders should, logically, to join the army of Korax.

Stone Golem

With this happening just as the beast before, gólems D'Sparil now serve the large Korax, successor to the power game of the Serpent Riders

Dark Cleric

The church of consuming Traductus to their foundations, and their clerics, greedy for power, take the path of darkness to join Korax and his army. His reward: The eternal condemnation ...


Again, another creature extracted from Heretic. These are not servants Maulotauros dark, but wild beasts reducirte able to attacks. Its strength is comparable to his terrible blunder. Still to be strong and brave enemies can be useful if they turn their energy toward our other opponents.


These people are short and a single eye is terribly annoying. On his back carrying big bags full of stone throwing against his opponents. Perhaps one does not create a problem, but often act in large groups.


Who doesn´t know where they come from ... the imps... The devils are under imps little power, but represent an effective and regular troops terrifying. Dress coats of mail, armor and helmets who have robbed their victims.

Invisible Warrior

Korax empowers those who serve, and one of these powers is the invisibility. The Warriors are perfect invisible spies and skilled warriors. His power, yet it is limited, so wear armor (visible) to protect themselves. This makes them more vulnerable, but an encounter with them still entailing great danger.


Archimages former slaves of the Arcane, returned to life at the request of Menelkir are brought to the gates of Heresiarquía to serve his new master, Korax the dark...


Dead warlocks lead all undead. Both reivers, liches and death wyverns due to these monstrous creatures whose humanity doesn´t exist ... Its powers, related to the dark arts of necromancy, become them in destructive creatures. Fortunately his armor is almost non-existent.

Servant of the Abyss

Many creatures serving Korax, but few are fearsome than servants of the Abyss. These wizards souls are condemned by the Serpent Riders, they are blind by rage, they will not hesitate in killing you, even if its means sacrifice their own lives.


These wild animals are extremely fast and aggressive. Their ferocity is comparable only with their jaws, full of sharp fangs. And is that leonorus are formidable enemies ever to be taken lightly.


The Hangmen executioners are submissive beasts responsible for fulfilling the army's dirty work Korax. They are the executors of deserters, enemy prisoners and other ilk. Hence Korax soldiers did not even show sympathy for them. This makes them grow large amount of hatred, something that shows on the battlefield.

Bloody Demon

This evil creature, resident of the deepest hell, is one of the most fearsome beasts that find in your way. Spits flames on their jaws; this monster can kill you in seconds.


They say they have the blood of reptile, although it is not known with certainty. The doedricus alongside the centaurs and slaughtauros troops are part of the infamous regular Korax. Many are those who are recorded as a final image doedricus approaching a sword in hand ...

Doedricus Boss

The doedricus have their own military, well prepared and strong, that spread terror wherever it goes. These are more intelligent than half the troops, and are familiar with some of the secrets of magic and energy.

Temple Guardian

Formerly, the temples were a holy place, protected by the Triumvirate and guarded by soldiers elected from each of the most important castes. Today, after the terrible invasion of Cronos, few guardians of the temple are still living have become the cause of the Serpent Rider.

Fire Bat

This is a fiery beast, like the afrits, but this is even more dangerous. This monster emerged from the avernos is capable of reducing a people to ashes in seconds.


Cronos is in that harvesters dwell on external realities, and that only the cross to take our souls of the living. The three adventurers, both as a warrior priest and magician, will see if these stories are true.


Armed with a large hammer, these fast warriors fight at the orders of Zedek, Marshal of the Legion. Armored with a coarse armor, enjoying great strength and incredible speed, will be dangerous opponents. Little remains of humans in them ...

Desert Arachnid

Powerful beast of insatiable appetite. It is a powerful enemy, an opponent only comparable with large beasts such as Serpents of Chaos. This monster spit poison and poisoned projectiles launched terrible. You have to take care of the arid deserts and intricate canyons.

Cursed Legionary

Like Arcanum and Clergy, the Legion has succumbed. The forces of darkness claimed the souls of the soldiers themselves, thus not only have the ettins but with legionnaires crazed heartless and they will do what his master, Korax, asked.

Chaos Creature

It is not known with certainty the place of origin of this monster, only to emerge from portals ethereal. Powerful and bloody, this being the underworld rules now in its tower, leading several legions. Be your duty to kill and end the mandate.

Zerox, Korax´s Lieutenant

Zerox, Lieutenant-Korax troops, head of the army in the east, will face the three heroes in the desire to destroy them. We'll see who comes out victorious in this new struggle for power.


Old Legionary

The old legionnaires are being incorruptible, and this makes them fierce enemies Korax. These men, who have fought throughout Cronos entail a threat to the Serpent Rider. They are strong allies, so if you're faced with one, keep it with you for as long as possible.


Few knight remaining in Cronos. If you're faced with anyone, they help you for a while. Its powerful and great shielding makes them formidable opponents, but is near the day when the cavalry succumb to the Korax´s evil forces.

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