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viernes, 16 de enero de 2009

Cronus - The Series

Since November 2008 a great project beggins: A movie series of eight short chapters that narrate the travels of Daedolon the wizard, the warrior Baratus and Parias the clerk in their epic fight against darkness.
It is envisaged that each chapter has a duration from thirty to forty minutes. We hope to rescue the essence of this great story and translate it with realism on screen.
Today, January 17, 2009, the first three scripts have been completed, and, unless unforeseen occurrence, predicted that by the summer of this year will begin filming the first.
The scripts are written by me, Roberto Julio Álamo, that coproduce the series alongside Guillermo Garcia Insa. We not having any image or picture, but right now the series is in preproduction.

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