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sábado, 17 de enero de 2009

Downloads - Extendable Wad Editor (XWE)

XWE (Extended Wad Editor) is responsible for decompressing files. WAD and present separately, and giving us the freedom to edit the data or even add new ones.
XWE can do everything with it even includes a map editor based on own
Wadauthor. But it is not very strong compared to many others. With the priority of this program is to add data to our WAD as sound, music, graphics and files or scripts dehacked source ports.

DOWNLOAD - XWE (Extended Wad Editor)

It is with this program that I began to create the expansion Hexen - Arcanum, so I strongly recommend.

Lamento que no haya muchos tutoriales en español por ahí, y que los que haya sean bastante flojos. En caso de tener tiempo suficiente, escribiré uno yo mismo.

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