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viernes, 16 de enero de 2009

Hexen - Weapons

Here I put the official list of weapons of Hexen - Beyond Heretic:

Hexen - Weapons

Fighter - Picked Gauntlets

The fighter starts the game with these Gauntlets and always has them "at hand" as a last resort. Each punch wears down your enemy's defense and every third punch delivers a Mighty Blow!

Fighter - Timon´s Axe

The Axe makes you want to really jump in there and hack away at your enemies as it deals out much more damage than the Gauntlets. This is also a close-range-only weapon, so be careful not to get carried away!

Fighter - Hammer of Retribution

Now you can really start dealing some death! The Hammer can be thrown straight out in a skull-spitting attack or you can get up-close and personal for that special bludgeoning that only you can provide.
When used at long range, a strong projectile exits the Hammer. When used at close quarters, there's no projectile but a direct hit with the Hammer. No mana is used in this case.

Fighter - Quietus

This multi-part runesword is called Quietus because it's the ultimate way to silence your foes. After one slice from this steel companion, most monsters willingly surrender their souls.

Clerk - Mace of Contrition

The Mace will only cause contrition in an enemy after numerous beatings. This weapon should only be used as a last resort because of its short range.

Clerk - Serpent Staff

The essence of the sacred Kalrath serpent is contained within this staff. Feed it with the blue mana and it will serve you faithfully by spitting twin venom spheres at your enemies. Using this staff up close will drain your enemy's life and give some of it to you.

Clerk - Firestorm

The Firestorm spell lets you summon a gout of fire from the earth. The flames appear at your enemy's feet and roar upward to engulf his entire body, roasting him alive. All things considered, Firestorm is the ultimate barbecue.

Clerk - Wraithverge

A very powerful multi-part weapon, this staff will summon the forces of the grave to feed upon your enemy's soul, tearing and knashing away at the lifeforce like hungry dogs.

Mage - Sapphire Wand

Useful for killing enemies, eventually, this wand will fire quick magical blue darts at your target. There is no limit to the amount of charges in this wand and it requires no mana.

Mage - Frost Shards

This spell lets you shoot frozen shards from your hands. These ice bolts are significantly stronger than the Sapphire Wand's small darts, so use Frost Shards whenever possible to freeze your enemies where they stand.

Mage - Arc of Death

The Arc of Death spell fires vertical columns of supercharged electrical energy from your hands, blasting your foes with devastating impunity. Once it hits a creature, it will stay near them and continue to do damage before finally disappearing.

Mage - Bloodscourge

This mighty multi-part staff fires multiple tracking spheres that will seek and destroy anything in their path. Mages who prefer not to aim will appreciate Bloodscourge, the humans' first successful attempt at a fire-and-forget weapon.

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