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viernes, 16 de enero de 2009

My expansions for another games

Hexen is not the only game I've had the privilege to edit. Then you show that I created expansions for two of the best 90s games:

- DooM - The Caronte´s Portal

DOWNLOAD - Doom: The Caronte´s Portal

This is my expansion for the legendary Doom, in the continuing story after DooM II: Hell on Earth. Now the navy must travel to Charon, moon of Pluto, to discover the strange events that are there ...

- Blood - The Caleb Chronicles

DOWNLOAD - Blood: The Caleb Chronicles Episode I

DOWNLOAD - Blood: The Caleb Chronicles Episode II

These two expansions, with all the worlds packed full of stages, corresponding to the stage between Blood and Blood II - The Chosen. In so many years, Caleb has time to travel around the world. Their mission: Stop Jojo, one of the most ruthless of cultists Cabal. But it will not easy, since many of the beasts Averno will cross on its way ...

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