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viernes, 16 de enero de 2009

Hexen Arcanum - Weapons

Here I put a list of weapons that I create for Hexen - Arcanum, of which there are today, January 17.
There are more weapons for the wizard, but soon I will compensate to the other players.

Hexen Arcanum - Weapons

Magician - Seed Belthüak

The seed of Belthüaks spell is truly frightening. It consists of a spell that transforms your opponents in dry logs inanimate, which will remain forever where they are rooted. This skill requires a significant amount of mana, if the jobs, check the horror of your rivals as they are covered by the crust.

Magician - Staff of the order Arshank

Powerful magic stick can paralyze your enemies for a few minutes. Effective if you are involved in some kind of ambush.

Magician - Areas of energy

With the energy of the ether, which allows operating portals, you can manipulate powerful areas capable of annihilating enemies.

Magician - bowed of Beasts

This new power allows Daedolon can control a beast enemy for a short period of time. The more amount of mana holds Daedolon, the spell will last longer.

Magician - Staff of Baradar

Magic cane projecting large loads of energy. It resembles a spell of power, but this is more devastating.

Magician - Spheres of Chaos

The powers are virtually uncontrollable chaos. To acquire this ability will require a hard effort. Only archimago aspiring to understand and overcome the powerful energy chaotic

Fighter - Steel Claws

The Steel Claws are a ancient weapons of the Legion. The army of Cronus employs since its inception. Although not the most effective weapon, it can kill and torture a lot of enemies. Only useful in the melee.

Fighter - Maze of Gresh Legion

This club has incredible power. Some say that once belonged to Marshal Zedek was only when a legionnaire more. With this weapon wipe out your enemies.

Clerk - Halberd

Halberd may seem a simple weapon, but it's really deadly if you know to use with skill.

Cleric - Ballesta

As you can see, this spring I borrowed it from Heretic, Hexen predecessor. But I have good reason to include it. In Hexen - Arcanum this spring is a lethal weapon in the hands of the clerk.

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