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viernes, 16 de enero de 2009

Hexen - Characters

Hexen - Characters

The Fighter - Baratus

Trained by the Legion, Baratus is a master of the weapons and the mystical artifacts of his order. He is the fastest and strongest of the characters. His excellent speed makes him formidable in combat, and his ability to jump great distances allows him to easily reach areas that are difficult for the other characters to access by normal means. He starts the game with strong armor, and he can build his Armor Class to a higher level than either Daedolon or Parias. He needs the extra protection because his weapons emphasize close-range fighting. This is Baratus' primary weakness: unlike the other characters, he often cannot hang back and dispatch his enemies from a distance. He must charge in to bring the power of his melee weapons to bear.

The Cleric - Parias

Half warrior and half Mage, Parias melds the two disciplines into a lethal composite. His skills and abilities lie somewhere between those of Baratus and Daedolon. He is fairly fast and strong, and some of his weapons can kill from a distance. Some might think of Parias as a weak half-caste or a mere jack-of-all-trades, but his mixture of martial and mystical training makes him a formidable opponent indeed.

The Mage - Daedolon

Physically weak but strong in spirit, Daedolon weaves the very fabric of reality with his powerful spells. He is an expert at destroying his foes from afar, eliminating creatures with magical attacks before they can get close enough to injure him. However, this useful ability is counterbalanced by his poor speed and strength, and the weakness of his armor. If you choose Daedolon, you must choose your battles carefully, maximizing the effectiveness of your ranged attacks and finding some way to compensate for your lack of speed and jumping power.

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