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viernes, 16 de enero de 2009

Hexen - Enemies



These horrid creatures are all that remains of the once proud Legionnaires. Less than human, they retain just enough of their memory to hate what they have become, and to hate you even more for what you still are. Fortunately for you, they are not particularly skillful foes.


These larger, nastier cousins of the gargoyles found in Heretic are more than happy to douse you in flames. The only nice thing about them is the satisfying splat they make when you shoot 'em from the sky.

Tips: Although they are easy to kill, Afrits do a lot of damage with their fireballs and frequently attack in groups. Fire right after an Afrit moved, they will always pause for a second or two between dodging moves.

Chaos Serpent

D'Sparil once had a Chaos Serpent for a mount. On this world the Serpents run loose, uncontrolled by any higher intelligence. One breed of Chaos Serpent will scorch you with fiery blasts

Brown Chaos Serpent

This second variant of this creature belches poisonous green gas. These beasts lives in desert sand.

Dark Bishop

Many of the more powerful leaders within the Church have been warped into mindless servants of the Serpent Riders, and their magical powers have been multiplied tenfold. These vile creatures are known as Dark Bishops, and though they are frail of limb, they are extremely powerful. They fire circling projectiles of magical jade that track your position, and the Bishop phases in and out of existence as they travel from place to place. A dangerous opponent by itself, a nightmare when encountered in groups.


Named after a mythical being, these monsters bear none of the pleasant traits attributed to them in legends: vicious, brutal, and extremely hard to kill. Centaurs serve in the front ranks of many of the Serpent Riders' armies. They are capable of deflecting missiles with their shields, so use caution when attacking them.


This Centaur leaders are much like their minions, but they're considerably tougher and they can spew magical fire from their shields. So we won't say anything about their apt name. Your safest strategy is to attack them from afar as they tend to do the same.


This fierce tundra beast fires shards of damaging ice, turning all who fall prey to its icy grip into frozen statues.


Stalkers are aquatic reptiles with huge talons designed to rend their prey into bite-sized morsels. They can't leave the water, so once you're on dry land you might feel safe. But beware, some Stalkers can fire slime projectiles.

Stalker Boss

Like the others its ruthless and savage beasts. However, heads stalker pose a greater threat because they are a little bigger and stronger than his brothers. Hence, these stalkers are heads of their respective flocks.


Although they retain only half of their bodies, these Undead creatures have lost none of their powers. They fly through the air with hypnotic grace, but don't just sit there and watch or they'll pelt you with devastating fireballs.

Death Wyvern

Like the Reivers, these creatures are Undead, and their thirst for the blood of living creatures is surpassed only by their hatred of anything but themselves. The Death Wyvern is a formidable opponent, and should be dispatched immediately - if not sooner.


As far beyond the Bishops as the Bishops are above common men, these blasphemous beings control forces capable of sending mere mortals screaming in terror. The Heresiarch knows several spells, including a strong reflective spell, two types of magical attack, and a summoning spell that gates in Dark Bishops to aid the Heresiarch. Only a superb warrior can defeat a Heresiarch without sustaining serious injury.

Marshall Zedek

Once the leader of the Legion, Zedek is now little more than a pawn in the hands of the Serpent Riders. Still, he retains all his old martial skills, and defeating him will be one of your greatest challenges.

Patriarch Traductus

From lowly monk to Grand Patriarch in 30 short years, Traductus' destiny seemed to be eternal greatness. But somewhere along the way he lost direction, and now he blocks your path to fulfilling your own shadowed fate.

Archimage Menelkir

The greatest Mage to occupy the Crystal Dais in centuries, it seems unlikely that Menelkir can be destroyed by any conventional force. Fighting him will be one of the greatest challenges of your life.

Korax, the Serpent Rider

You have seen inhuman shapes before this, but surely even hell would never spawn such a being as Korax; his very presence fills you with horror, and you cannot begin to imagine what powers are contained within his twisted frame.


Dark Servant, Maulotaur

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